Must Do things for your Baby in 2022

The New Year 2022 has arrived. Everyone must have planned something. What are your plans for your baby in 2022? In this article, we have given certain points you must do in 2022.

Vaccinations on time

You must vaccinate your baby on time. For that, you need to keep checking your baby's vaccination schedule. As soon as the vaccination date comes, you should go to the hospital for vaccinations. Vaccination as per schedule is very important for a baby's health. You can also keep reminder on your phone for vaccination dates.

Maintain extra hygiene during coronavirus pandemic

Hygiene is not only important for the baby but also important for other family members. There are certain points that you should keep in mind in order to keep a good hygiene-

  • Maintain separate footwear for outdoors
  • Change clothes after coming from office or market area
  • Wash your hands when you come home and also when you meet someone
  • Before touching infants, you must wash your hands
  • Always wash your baby's diaper with warm water and sanitize with Dettol
  • For oral hygiene brush your teeth every day twice
  • Wearing clean clothes before sleeping

Develop the habit of studying

As a responsible mother, you may have observed that your baby is not going for study on her own. Kids should develop the habit of studying on their own. There should be a study room or a study area. You must also decorate the study room accordingly in order to create interest in studying. For that, you can use the wallpaper to cheer the kids up. 

You can have an attractive table and chair where your baby should sit and enjoy studying. There should be a study calendar hanging on the wall. This study calendar should have class and homework schedule.

Limit the screen time for yourbaby

If you find that your baby is spending a lot of time on the screen, then it is an alarm for you to wake up. Spending more time on a screen will adversely affect your baby's health especially mental health. This may also adversely affect baby’s eyes. Apart from this, you may also observe change in behavior like loss of appetite, baby going cranky, irritation etc. So, it is very important for you to limit the screen time for your baby and involve the baby into different activities like playing, studying etc.

Mom’s daily schedule for babies

Have you ever thought of having a daily schedule for your baby? If not, this is the time that you must follow a daily schedule for your baby. This schedule will help you and your child to be healthy. The schedule must include cooking food for the baby, cleaning the baby, playing with the baby, studying with the baby, taking baby out etc.

Activity at home for baby's mental health

In the coronavirus pandemic, families are living indoors so it is very important for you to plan activity for your baby in the home itself. If you have not planned this earlier, then this is the time when you must plan home activities in 2022. Activities like playing Carrom board, Chess, Ludo, Tambola will be a great help. Apart from this you must also plan your own activity which suits your baby and your house.

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