How to Limit screen time for your baby

Do you find your baby always watching some kind of screen like laptop, smartphone or tablet? This is the time to worry because too much of screen time is not healthy for your baby. In this article, we are going to discuss some ways which you can adopt to limit the screen time for your baby.

Engage in activities

You should engage your child in different type of activities like playing, studying etc. These activities can be indoors as well as outdoors. In this coronavirus pandemic, it is advisable to plan indoor activities in order to engage your child. You can have activity based games, puzzles which will help your baby to reduce screen time. You should also plan some outdoor activities.

Baby's daily routine

It is very important for you to have a daily routine for the baby so that everything which a baby does in a day is a part of daily routine. This daily routine will also have screen time and in this way you can limit the screen time as per the requirement of the baby. Moreover, this daily routine will have babies study time, play time, screen time, activity time and all other things which you think should be included.

Once you make this daily routine, follow the routine. In the first few days, you will find some difficulty in following the routine but as the days progress, you will find it easy to follow this routine and in due course of time it will become a permanent routine of your baby. This routine will not only reduce the screen time of your baby but it will have a broader impact of having a routine life of the baby.

Engage your baby in household activities

Parents should also plan to engage their babies into household activities. Engage your child to clean their room or area, for example, allow them to clean their room after playing. In some time, you will find that it becomes a habit of the baby. Apart from this, you can also engage your baby into some other smaller works.

Avoid using phone or screen in front of baby

All the family members should realise that watching too much screen time in front of baby will affect your baby's mind set of watching more screen time. So, if you are not watching screen for your office work or for some other important work, then try to avoid using screen in front of baby. This way, the baby will understand that none of the family members is watching unnecessary screen time.

Frequent decoration in baby's room or area

If you have a separate room or area for a baby, then you should try to decorate that in a way that creates more engagement. If you do not have a room or area then this is the time to create one. You can go for a separate decoration every month. For example, in one month the room may be decorated like a space and in another month it can be like a jungle. Your baby will also engage into changing the decoration and she will enjoy that decoration the whole month.

Play with neighbours

You must allow your baby to play with other babies especially those who are living in your neighbourhood. Ensure that they follow a good hygiene and whether they are not playing any video game or doing any screen time. For the sake of playing, you can make a separate room which can be full with lots of toys and activities to engage them.

We are sure that after following these above points the screen time for the baby will definitely reduce however we invite your suggestions as well in order to include more things to reduce screen time. 

Please comment below to include your experience of reducing screen time of the baby.

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