Must have Breastfeeding essentials

After 40 weeks of pregnancy, when you give birth to your little one, it brings immense pleasure and on the contrary the first few days of breastfeeding your little one seems to be hectic and tiring.

In this article, with my experience, I will discuss some of the products and accessories to ease out the breastfeeding process. As there are numerous products related to breastfeeding is available in markets, some of the essential items, are listed below

Breastfeeding Pillows

Breastfeeding pillows is a must have accessories for mom. This not only keeps your baby at proper height for feeding but also put less stress on your back, neck, shoulder and arms so that the breastfeeding become comfortable to you.

There are varieties of breastfeeding pillows showing different feature, select the one that suits you and your little one best. Also ensure that pillow is neither too hard nor too soft. Some mothers like to have more than one around as a backup.

Breastfeeding bra

Nursing bras is again a must have item for breastfeeding moms. Nursing bras provide you with support and comfort. Nursing bras have cups that can be strapped and fold down to provide easier access to your breast while feeding your little one.

While purchasing nursing bra ensure that it provides enough support to your breast and relive strain on your back and shoulder.

 Nursing cloth

As baby used to breastfeed now and then, even when you are out of home, for that moment breastfeeding cloth is perfect accessory. Over the years the nursing cloth has changed a lot. Now a days there are varieties of style, from casual to formal. You can have couple of nursing cloth of your choice for different occasions.

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