Importance of reading in early childhood

Reading books is important for children, when they are growing up while learning many things that they find at their surroundings. Reading books will develop literacy skills as reading improves their vocabulary and language skills. Reading books not only improves their imagination and creativity but also help them to gain knowledge and understanding of the world around them. 

The parents should encourage children to read books by following some of these methods:
Lead by setting examples: Let children see you reading books, newspapers, and magazines. 
Make reading fun: Choose books that are age appropriate and interesting to the child.
Create a reading-friendly environment: Have a cozy reading corner and provide plenty of books.
Read together: Take turns reading with your child or have then read to you.
Make it a routine: Set aside time each day for reading, such as before bedtime.
Encourage discussion: Ask questions about the books and encourage children to share their thoughts.
Reward and praise: Give children positive reinforcement for reading, such as stickers or special privileges.
Visit the library: Take your children to the library regularly and let them choose books to take home.
Have patience: Children develop a love of reading at different rates, so be patient and keep encouraging them.

Here are some of the popular children's books in India:

The Magic Paintbrush


Tenali Raman

The Adventure of Birbal

Gulliver's Travels

The Jungle Book

The Wizard of Oz

Ruskin Bond - Children Story Books Collection (Set of 4 Books)

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