Skin care guide for babies during winter season

Winter season needs extra care of your little one, from food to skin. The soft and delicate skin of babies gets red and dry during the winter due cold and dry winds. So, it is important to take care of the baby's skin. Here in this article, we will discuss skin care routine.

Avoid keeping skin wet: 

Exposure to water makes the skin dry as the skin lose moisture. Don't keep your baby wet for a long time. To prevent dryness, apply non perfumed moisturizer within a few minutes of drying skin.

Go for Humidifier: 

The sufficient amount of moisturizer in air reduces the skin dryness. To keep the inside air moisturized use of a humidifier is an excellent idea.


Use of good quality non perfumed cream, lotion or oil is great to keep the skin of babies moisturized. Before going outside, apply moisturizer to your baby's skin.

Choosing right fabric for baby: 

Avoid using clothes that are rough and irritate skin. Use of soft and breathable fabric is always good for your little one.

Keeping baby warm: 

During winter little ones can catch old quickly. Put woolen cloth properly. Use cap, mittens and woolen socks to keep the baby warm. While going out if you are unsure about the weather condition, dress up your child in layers of cloth.

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