How to choose Car Seat for your baby

It is always good to have a car seat for your little one while travelling. Many of us won’t think it as a great idea to go for a car seat. But trust me the money spent in this item is worthy as it gives protection to your little one while travelling by a car. In case of any mishap happens with your car, these car seat will protect your infant or toddler from falling and getting injured. If it is your first time that you are looking for car seat then going through this post, this will help you lot. Before buying car seat few things you should know, this will help you in selecting the right car seat.

The car seat should well fit in your car. You will have to ensure that the car seat fits well with the model of car you own. All car seat doesn’t fit well with every model of car.

Another point you should consider is that it should be age appropriate. Go for the car seat that is appropriate as per the height and weight of your child.

From infant to child aged 2 years, it is recommended to use rear facing car seat. The rear facing car seat is designed to give support to head and neck of child belonging to this age group. It is also known as infantcarrier. Many expert advice, that you should keep your child in rear facing car seat as long as your car seat allows because rear facing car seat is safer.

For toddler to preschooler the front facing car seat is suitable. These seats help you to keep eye on your baby. Before putting baby on car seat ensure that the seat is properly tighten.

You can also go for the convertible car seat. As per your requirement, convertible car seat allows you to switch between rear facing to front facing car seat.

Booster car seat is designed for toddlers. The booster car seat is used to adjust child’s height so that the seat belt of car can be fasten properly. The booster car seat comes with or without head and neck support. You can choose any one as per your car’s design. 

Lastly you should check the quality of car seat it should be of good quality as you are going to use this for safety of your child. When it is related to the safety, you should not compromise with the quality just because of less price.

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