Particulars to know before buying Tricycle for your little one

The tricycle i.e., the three-wheeled cycle is known as a trike. The seat of trikes is usually lower to the ground thus giving the rider a comfortable riding position. Usually, children love riding tricycles as these give speed to their walk.

Normally, the child aged around 2 to 3 years, can start riding trikes. By riding trikes, your child will be able to improve their co-ordination skill. Riding can also increase their muscle strength. Trikes also help to anticipate the extra energy of children thus helping in keeping them busy.

What type of trikes to choose?

Tricycle with Parent control

Initially to help your child learn pedaling it’s good to opt for trikes that come with a detachable parent steering handle. The parent steering handle allows you to push the trikes as your child learns to pedal without worrying about balancing.

For a pleasant ride, it is important that the child should reach the pedal comfortably. So, before buying a trike, check the height of your child.

Riding a trike needs physical strength. Reaching the age of three does not mean that child has attained the physical strength required to ride a trike. It is a must to evaluate their strength before purchasing a trike.

Riding a trike gives confidence as well as independence to little ones. They learn how to tackle obstacle that comes on their way, making turns and many other challenges that they face while riding a trike. These eventually add to their overall development.

Once kids excel in riding a trike, they won’t find it difficult to ride a bicycle on their own as they already know how to balance the handle, paddle wheel, and other components related to riding a cycle.

There are many varieties of trike available in the market. Choose the one as per your requirement and budget. 

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This article will help you in choosing the right trike for your child.

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