How to choose the Best Gift for 2 years old kids?

Whether its times to gift your friend’s 2 years old child or your own kids, it is a mind storming task to finds the age appropriate toys. Today, there are many toys in the market to choose from. But it is important to see whether the toy is appropriate to the age of child. The selection of toys should be based on their developmental stage. Let’s see what to consider while purchasing toys for little ones.

Go for the one that supports fine motor skill and gross motor skill of growing child: At the age of 2, children were getting command over fine motor skills such as sorting, stacking and fitting. By this age, they were learning new gross motor skills as well, like pulling and pushing things, carrying things with them, climbing up and down by themselves. So it is good to help them by giving those toys that help them boosting their motor skill.

Toys with different colours and shapes: The children around the age of 2 years, loves shorting different shapes and colours. Choosing toys that promotes learning different colour and shapes is a great idea.

Pretend play Toys: Another category of toys that 2 years and above kids will love is pretend play toys. By this age you will find that kids starts pretending their parents in many different ways. To boost their imagination and learning different perspective, pretend play toys are surely a great choice. The toys that encourage role play were kitchen set, doll and stroller, doctor set, makeup kit etc.

Toys to enhance problem solving skills: Toys that promotes problem solving skills are also a great choice. Toys like wooden blocks, building toys and puzzles help them encourage problem solving skill.

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