5 Best Bath Toys that can make bathing FUN for Kids

If you are among those parents for whom bathing your little ones is a tedious task, then this article is going to help you a lot. To make bath time enjoyable for kids, it’s a great idea to introduce bathing toys in your bathroom. These toys are ideal for developing fine and gross motor skills.

According to their age, you can choose the bath toys. There are many varieties of bath toys available in the markets as well as in online stores. Based on your requirement and specific feature you can compare different bath toys.

    1.Magnetic Fishing Toy Game

This magnetic fishing bath toy with a fishing rod and colourful fishes makes bathing more enjoyable. Kids will love catching fish. This fishing bath toy will build up their hand-eye coordination.

    2.Animal-shaped bath toy

These animal-shaped float bath toys are adorable. It also makes a sound when squeezed. The bright colour makes these toys more attractive to kids. By introducing this bath toy in your bathroom, you will make your little one’s bathing more fun.

    3.Little boat train bath toy

The little boat train is a set of 6 light weighted boats linked together to make a boat train. These boats float, scoop, and strain the water. The boats have funny faces that make kids smile. Linking, scooping, and pouring will help kids develop fine motor skills.

    4.Bath book

A bath book is a perfect waterproof book for kids’ bath time. Bath book keeps kids engaged while bathing. There are varieties of bath books available, from alphabets to short stories to picture illustrations of fruits animals, etc. The bath book helps kids learn things while playing in a bathtub.

    5.Bathtub basketball

It’s cool to introduce basketball inside the bathroom. Only you will have to fix the basketball hoop to tile or glass with the help of suction cups. The bath time basketball comes with three numbers on colourful floating balls.

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