What does Freedom mean to a child

Have you ever thought how much freedom you should give to your child? You should give freedom to your child depending on the age. Normally, the following points must be considered while deciding the freedom for your baby.

Baby's daily routine

You should give freedom to your child in order to complete her daily routine like brushing, going to toilet, studying, playing as per daily routine.

Doing online classes

Your baby can start online classes on her own and complete it. Your baby doesn't need your assistance in order to take these online classes.

Doing homework

Your baby should have freedom to do homework on her own. This will also make a good habit in herself.

Having baby room

When your child becomes three year old, make a kids room for her. Kids room will be a type of freedom given to her.  You should decorate the kids room the way your child wants it to be. Also fill the kids room with the toys of her choice.

Freedom in screen

Watch carefully what your baby is doing in screen. If your baby is watching some video then ensure it is for the age group of the baby.  Do not give access to the whole YouTube but instead give access to YouTube kids. Games are also meant for specific age group. So, choose game according to her age.

Freedom while eating

Every mother is careful about her baby's health. So, you cannot give freedom to your baby to eat whatever she likes. You should respect her freedom to eat junk food but at the same time insure that she eats healthy food.

Freedom means different for different age kids. As a responsible mom, you should give freedom to your kids taking care of above points.

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