How Important is your Baby’s daily schedule

Why there should be a daily schedule for your baby? A daily schedule will engage your child to do many activities in a day. It will also make your baby disciplined. Here we are going to make some points which must be included in to daily schedule of your baby. Your baby’s daily schedule will fit in this time slot with little variation.

Morning hours (7 AM - 12 Noon)

After cleaning up the body and teeth have a good breakfast. Morning exercises should also be included here. In this time, baby should attend her scheduled online or offline classes. If no classes are scheduled, the time must be given to complete the homework or activity based learning.

Afternoon (12 Noon - 5 PM)

First thing is the lunch. Baby may go for half to one hour screen time. This is the timeThen baby should be allowed to play with other activities. You can also give a little nap to your baby in the afternoon.

Evening time (5 PM - 8 PM)

First, baby should have her evening snacks. Then baby should be encouraged to go to park for playing. Homework must also be included in this time. In this time, baby should talk to your parents and other family members.

Night time (8 PM - 7 AM)

Dinner and then sleep time.

The above points are a kind of guidelines which will help you to make a daily schedule for a baby. If you want to add any other point, then please comment below.

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