Baby shower or Godh bharai – a traditional event

Baby shower is a very beautiful event for the mother-to-be. In India, baby shower is mainly known as godh bharai.

Baby shower in India is all about blessings for the new mom and the new baby alongwith games and food.

In various parts of India baby shower is celebrated with little different rituals but the essence remains the same i.e. to make the mother-to-be feel special and to shower blessings and also to bless the unborn baby with happiness and health.

Depending on region and family rituals, baby shower i.e. godh bharai is done in the seventh or the ninth month of pregnancy, as it is assumed that after the seventh month the baby and the mother are in a safe phase.

The Indian baby shower is a women only gathering. The mother-to-be is dressed in a finest saree decked in jewellery and henna design is made on her hands. Then the mother-to-be is showered with lots of gifts.

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