Choosing the right cloth for your baby girl

Selecting cloths for your baby girl can be difficult. There is a lot to learn before you dress her up.

Old or new cloths?

A new born baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive, so it is preferred to use clothes that are soft and loose on her body. It is recommended to use old clothes as they become soft and supple by their past use. But some parents prefer new clothes for their little ones. They should keep in mind the quality of fabric being used for the manufacturing of the cloth (it should be soft), the dye which is being used in it (colour material should not be harmful to infant’s skin).

How to choose new cloth

Organic cottons are very soft and are used for making good clothes in term of fashion as well as softness. They are also hypo-allergic. Make sure that the new cloth is being washed several times before use so that they become soft loose and itching free.

Washing cloths

For washing the cloths, use mild detergents or soap. One should also make sure while using old clothes that they are properly washed as they may contain germs and dust trapped in the pores from the past. Using old clothes also makes sense as the infants outgrow their clothes very quickly.


Safety is another important thing that you should keep in mind. Make sure that your babies’ clothes do not have frills, ribbons, buttons as they may cause rashes. Parents should also keep in mind the weather. During winters, keep proper layering but avoid overheating od babies’ body. During summers, prefer soft organic cotton.

Some good cloths for a baby girl

There are so many stylish frocks, pyjamas and leggings available in the market for infant girls. Kurtis are one of the favourite of Indian parents. There are many online shopping app for baby products. They also offer you clothing category wise (like ethnic wear, inner wears, athleisure etc.).

Essential baby keeps

Keep baby essentials in sticks like diapers, mittens, socks, caps and gloves.

Thanks for reading and happy parenting!!

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