Types of water bottles for kids

A water bottle is essential to keep our little one hydrated all day long. When kids start to go to school it is a must to give them a water bottle. Now days, there are varieties of water bottles available in the market. This article will help you to select the appropriate water bottle for your kid.

Type of material used

Bottles were made up of different materials like plastic, steel, copper, glass, silicon etc. It is better to think about what material you need in your water bottle for your kid. Every material has its own feature.

Insulated or non-insulated

Vacuum Insulated water bottles keep water cold for a longer time. The insulated wall makes the bottle a little heavier. Whereas the non-insulated bottles were light weighed but these cannot keep the water cool for a longer time.

Single or double wall insulated

The double-insulated wall keeps the water cool for a longer time. And at the same time, it doesn’t allow the cold to come to the outer layer and to the little hands.

Sipper or regular

It is better to ensure that the bottle is spill-proof so that your little one won’t wet their cloth. The sipper bottle is great for kids to drink water as they only have to lift the cap and the spout is there for drinking.

Screw cap or pushbutton or flip open

Push button or flip open was a good option to choose as these keep the mouthpiece protected from germs and dirt. A screw cap is also a good option, but for little kids, it will be difficult for them to open and there will chance of spilling.

Bottle capacity

Water bottles come in different capacities. You can go for the one that caters daily water requirement of your kid.

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