5 Best wooden toys for toddlers

Here are some wooden toys for the toddlers who are continuously expertizing fine motor skills and gross motor skills. These wooden toys will help them in learning different skills along with the fun of playing. All these toys are made up of good quality of wood, safe and non-toxic paint.

    1.Multi shapes shorting boards

The wooden shapes shorting boards are excellent way to teach your child about different shapes as well as colours. 

In such games, the toddler or kid will have to place the different shapes at their correct places. The wooden shapes shorting boards are made up of good quality of wood and the paint used are non-toxic. These are completely safe for child. 
The wooden shapes shorting boards will help in developing fine motor skills, problem solving skills and improves hand-eye co-ordination.

    2.Wooden educational puzzle

Wooden educational puzzle comes with 40 pieces of different shapes and a board. Kids will have to get blocks together to make different shapes or design such as airplane, fish, human etc. by using their imagination.  This toy will help teach kids colour recognition and patterning along with fun time. 


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This wooden educational puzzle improves imagination, hand-eye co-ordiation, colour and different shapes.

    3.Wooden racer ramp

Wooden racer ramp toy comes with 4 car ramps, 1 parking garage and 4 mini cars. This toy is made up of good quality wood and non-toxic water based paint. This wooden racer ramp improves the hand-eye coordination, fine motor skill and focus. 

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If played with other child will develop communication skill and they will also learn to cooperate with each other.

    4.Wooden hammer ball

Wooden hammer ball comes with 4 colourful balls, 1 hammer, and 1 wooden shelf. Wooden hammer ball develops fine motor skills and gross motor skills, hand eye coordination and concentration. When the colorful balls have been hammered in all the way they roll back out. Wooden hammer ball also improve the wrist strength of child.

Wooden hammer ball is made of safe and non-toxic materials.

    5.Wooden spinning top

Wooden spinning tops are made up of high quality woods and environment friendly paint. These colourful wooden spinning tops can be played by any one. Wooden spinning tops develop the gross and fine motor skills, improves hand eye coordination of toddler.

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