10 Must Have items for newborns during winter

winter clothes for newborns

Are you looking for winter essentials for your newborn? Then you have come to the right place. Here, you will find 10 winter essentials for your newborn.

1. Mittens

Many pairs of mittens were needed during winter as these pairs of mittens will help to keep your baby hands warm.

2. Socks

Again, you need to stock up a sufficient number of socks. It's not necessary that these socks should match up with the dress.

3. Booties

Soft warm booties do a lot to keep your baby's feet warm. It's not necessary to buy a number of booties as these are a waste of money as your little one is growing fast.

4. Footed Pajamas

To keep your baby's toes warm without worrying about the socks getting opened while sleeping, you must go for footed pajamas.

5. Caps/Hats

During winter to keep babies' heads warm, caps are a must. While travelling or going out you should keep extra caps in your diaper bag.

6. Blankets

Light weighted blankets are good for little ones. 

7. Humidifier

During winter the air becomes dry causing sore throat and cough so While sleeping with your baby keeps the humidifier on.

8. Moisturizer

Keep your baby's skin moisturized during winter as the cold and dry winds makes skin dry.

9. Baby Leg Warmers

Baby legs warmers are easy to work around diaper changes. Put these over the tights pants for girls and under the pants for boys.

10. Full sleeve cardigans

When the air is chill and it's very cold, full sleeve cardigans or zip-up hoodies are the best one. It's easy to put on and off, as per the needs of the baby.

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