Best Toys for Baby, Toddler and Kids

It may seem like an easy task but to choose a toy for your baby girl or boy is very tricky. You have to keep certain points in mind before buying them like safety and the educational level of the toy. 

Best Toys for the infants and the toddlers

The age of 0-12 months is the age group where a baby learns a lot of stuffs and develops proper connection with CNS, good muscle-mind connection, adapting nature, recognizing shape, size and colour, recognizing different languages. Basically, your baby learns everything he/she sees, feels, touch or interact with in every possible way. 

Some parents believe that keeping things simple for their child in such early age is good, but several studies have shown that-

the more you make your child interact with different types of things, the better and faster growth he/she shows.

During their infant and toddler period babies’ capturing powers are very high, so basically what you make him/her see, feel and touch sets up the base for his/her future growth. That is why, many companies have shifted their interest towards the baby toys and are doing great jobs. Now we have indoors and outdoors games that are made for specific age groups of children. But the most popular category of toys now days is sensory toys that helps baby to develop their all 5 senses at superb rate.

Toys for grown up babies

In the age group 1-3 years, the baby tries to learn things through playing with different stuffs. This is the right age, to let them explore and enjoy things. We have games like wood stacker, rattles, teethers. These toys not only help to develop your child’s sensory skills but also their cognitive skills. We also have bath toys like squeeze me animal shape, fruits shape, squeaky ducks and fish. This makes bathing for baby more fun and relaxing. 

Happy parenting!!!!!

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